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Do you often travel abroad? If you do, we have a great assistant application for you: Triplens Triplens is an application developed to improve your travel experiences. For instance, even if you speak very well the language of the country you are travelling in, you may encounter an unfamiliar object or may not remember its exact equivalent of that object in that foreign language. Triplens will help you a lot in such situations. All you need to do is to take a photo of an object whose meaning you don’t know after selecting the target language :) Triplens is a wonderful assistant also for text translations. You can translate pages of texts into a target language just in seconds. DISCOVER MORE: - Object mode: Take a photo or upload one from your gallery. Triplens will recognize the object and translate it into any language you want. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the translation in the target language. - Text mode: Take a photo of a document with pages or upload a photo from your gallery. Triplens will scan the text and translate it into any language you want. DISCOVER TRIPLENS PREMIUM: - The standard of Triplens will be sufficient for your trips abroad for a few days. And for your longer trips, you can remove limits with Triplens Premium! We are offering in-app purchases for the premium version of Triplens and being subject to the selected plan, you might also be offered a free trial period. The cost will be charged to your iTunes account and it will vary from country to country. You will be able to see the fee amount before completing the purchase. Subscriptions with in-app purchases will be renewed according to the renewal scheme of the selected payment plan. To terminate automatic subscription renewal, you must deselect the automatic subscription renewal option at most 24 hours before your subscription expires. You can cancel your automatic subscription renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. Where applicable, the privileges granted during the free trial period that have not been used will lose their validity at the time the user purchases a subscription of the related publication. Privacy Policy: Terms Of Services:



  • fix your stuff

    By small item pleaee
    so uhh I tried scanning my d!ck and it said item to small care to explain
  • False Advertisement

    By EastCoast09
    In the app’s promotional video, it shows a woman identifying what type of dog and house plants she has down to the exact breed and type of plant. On the app it just says “Dog” and “Plant”. This app is nothing like they say it is. If I wanted to learn another language I would download DuoLingo for free.
  • Ads….

    By SuperGod25
    Way tooo many ads man. There’s literally an ad every 3-5 seconds not worth it in my opinion.
  • worst app

    By Billysyoutubeurmom
    you can only scan one thing then it makes you pay and it’s filled with ads don’t recommend
  • Worst app every

    By umgoblue2020
    I don’t want upgraded version and it keeps giveinf me adds left and right I can’t even take a picture for my homework
  • حراميه

    By قنهش
  • Stupid

    By Teller feet
    I took a picture of an ac compressor, it says auto part……well duh, in the example it showed how you can take pictures of animals so I took a picture of my chihuahua… says Dog don’t waist your dime on this one, it states the obvious
  • Ads pop up almost every 30 seconds

    By 22rountree22
    When I saw this app I was excited to translate items that were in my house by taking a picture but then I realize how many adds pop up on this app. They constantly pop up, it’s like the creator wanted to set up a money farm by putting tons and tons of adds. Super annoying and disappointing!🙁😡🤬
  • False advertising

    By istgispo
    Unfortunately I made the mistake of starting a free trail. Point my camera at all of my five different dogs and for 4 of them it said “dog” (not the breed like advertised) and the last it said Hamster. Point it at my foot, it said “arm”. Point it at face, it said “comfort”. It does even work.
  • This is terrible

    By crazylildaisy
    This app is actually so bad. I try to take a photo and it crashed my whole phone, I cant even take a photo without having an ad to buy something from them or an ad about geico or something 5 second later DURING MY PHOTO!! I literally got it so I could see what my friend was trying to translate. Its absolutely TERRIBLE! Don’t get this app.