100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones Review: 3D Glass AB Crystal Charms for Craft Decoration

100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones Review: 3D Glass AB Crystal Charms for Craft Decoration

Are you looking ‌for a‌ way‌ to take your nail art to the next level? Well, ⁢look no further because we have ⁣found the perfect solution for you!‍ The ⁢100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones Multi Shapes 3D Glass AB Crystal‌ is a must-have for any‍ nail art enthusiast. With 10 different shapes and sizes to choose⁣ from, this set of rhinestones ‌is sure to add a touch ⁢of glamour and sparkle⁢ to your⁣ nails.

Not ⁤only are these rhinestones easy to use, but ⁣they are also⁤ made of high-quality glass with an exquisite shine ⁢that is bound to catch everyone’s⁤ eye. Whether you are a beginner or a ⁤professional, these nail jewels are‌ perfect for creating stunning nail art designs.

But​ the fun doesn’t stop there! These versatile rhinestones can also be used for DIY craft projects,⁣ clothes,⁢ shoes, and more. ⁤With the iridescent crystal AB color, you can add a touch of ‍glam to‌ just about anything.

So if you want to add a⁤ little sparkle to your life, be sure ⁣to ‌check out the Aurora Nail Art‌ Rhinestones. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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When it comes to adding ⁢some extra sparkle and glamour to your nail art, ‌our 100Pcs nail rhinestone set is the perfect choice. With 10 different shapes and sizes to choose from, you can create unique and​ eye-catching designs⁤ that will make your⁣ nails stand out from the crowd.

Not‍ only are these rhinestones easy to apply, but they are also​ incredibly versatile. You can use them on nails, ‍clothes, shoes, mobile phones, paper cards,⁤ pens, and​ many​ other DIY crafts. ⁢The⁤ possibilities ⁣are endless, and the only limit is your imagination! So‍ why not add a touch of ‍luxury and elegance to your creations with our stunning 3D glass⁤ AB crystals?

Add some sparkle to your nail⁣ art⁣ creations with our versatile and glamorous 3D glass ⁢AB crystals!

Ready to elevate your nail art game?‌ Get your hands on our 100Pcs Aurora ‍Nail Art Rhinestones ‍set ‍now and start ⁣creating beautiful and unique designs.⁤ Don’t miss‌ out ⁤on the‌ opportunity to make your nails look more ‌beautiful and dazzling than ever ​before!

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Unique design⁢ and versatile shapes

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Looking for a way to add some⁣ extra sparkle to‍ your nails or DIY crafts? Look no further than these 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones! With 10 different shapes and sizes to​ choose from, these glass crystals are‌ perfect for adding a touch​ of glamour to your⁤ projects.

Not⁢ only are these rhinestones easy to‌ use – simply​ apply them to your nails or crafts with nail polish or top⁤ coat – but they are also incredibly versatile. Use them on your‍ nails, clothes, shoes, phone, or even paper cards and pens ⁢to add a unique and ‍eye-catching​ touch. The possibilities are endless with these stunning ⁣crystals!

Color: Champagne, transparent black, lotus purple, aurora, ‍purple
Material: Glass
Package Contents: 100 pieces

If you’re ready to elevate your nail ⁤art or craft projects with these ‌beautiful aurora ⁣rhinestones, click here to get yours today!

Sparkling AB crystal finish

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Our⁤ experience with the 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art ⁢Rhinestones was truly mesmerizing. The on these gems ​added a touch⁢ of elegance to⁣ our nail art creations. The high-quality glass material⁤ used in ⁢these rhinestones reflected light beautifully, creating a dazzling​ effect that caught everyone’s eye.

Not only were ​these⁢ rhinestones easy to apply, but‌ they were also lightweight ​and convenient to ⁢carry around. The ⁣10 ⁣different ‍shapes‌ and sizes provided in the ‍pack​ allowed us⁣ to get creative and experiment ‍with various designs. Whether it​ was ⁣for nail⁢ art,⁤ DIY​ craft decorating, or embellishing clothes and shoes, ⁤these rhinestones proved ⁤to be⁣ versatile​ and stylish. ⁢If ⁢you’re looking to add a ⁢touch⁤ of‍ glamour to​ your projects, we highly ‍recommend checking out ‍these Aurora​ Nail Art Rhinestones. Ready to elevate your nail art game? ‍Get your hands on these sparkling rhinestones now!

High-quality ⁤glass material⁤ for durability

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When ​it⁣ comes to nail art rhinestones, we always look for durability. The high-quality glass material used‍ in these⁤ 100 pieces of Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones ensures ⁢that they are durable and long-lasting. The ‌exquisite workmanship and attractive luster of the ⁣glass material​ make ‌these crystals stand out from the rest, giving your nails a⁣ shiny and glamorous appearance.

Not only are these rhinestones made of top-notch glass material for durability, but they are⁤ also easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner or ⁣a professional, applying these crystals is a breeze. The 10 different⁤ shapes and ‌sizes included in⁤ the pack ⁤allow for endless creativity in your nail art designs.⁣ So why settle for basic nail art when you can ⁤elevate your look with these high-quality glass rhinestones?‌ Add them​ to your cart today and let your creativity shine! Shop Now!

Features and Benefits

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Our 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones come in 10 different shapes and ‍sizes, offering ⁤endless creative possibilities for your​ nail art and craft projects. Made of high-quality​ glass with an attractive luster, these AB crystal rhinestones will add a touch of glamour to your designs. The durable AB coating‍ ensures long-lasting sparkle and brightness, making your ​creations truly stand out.

Easy to use and lightweight, these rhinestones are perfect for both beginners ⁤and professionals.‍ Simply apply a thin ⁣layer of primer to your nails, spread the rhinestones evenly, ⁢and⁣ gently press them into place. You can also ​use ⁣these versatile ‌gems for DIY crafts like clothing embellishments, phone decorations, and more. With five stunning color options to choose‍ from, you’ll have everything you need to elevate your artistry.

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Easy application on nails

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When it comes to applying these Aurora Nail Art ​Rhinestones, we ‌were pleasantly surprised by how⁤ easy it ‍was to ​achieve a professional-looking result.⁢ With just⁢ a few⁢ simple steps, we were able to adorn our nails with these sparkling gems effortlessly. The process of ⁢spreading them evenly on the ‌nails and pushing them into place was a breeze, thanks to their lightweight design and ‍exquisite workmanship.

What we loved most about these rhinestones is their versatility. Not only are they⁢ perfect for ⁣nail art, but they can also be used to embellish clothes, shoes, phone ⁢cases, cards, and more.⁣ Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these crystals are sure to enhance your DIY crafts ⁢and bring a touch of glamour ⁤to your creations. ‍If you’re ‌looking to elevate your nail art game or ⁢add some sparkle to your projects, these Aurora‌ Nail Art ⁤Rhinestones ‍are a must-have in your collection.⁣ Try them out for yourself and see the difference they can make! ⁣ Check them out ⁤here!

Can‌ be used for various craft projects

Looking‍ for ⁤some versatile craft supplies‍ to add a ⁢touch of sparkle to your projects? Look no further than these stunning 3D aurora​ rhinestones! With 10 different shapes⁣ and sizes to choose⁢ from, you’ll have endless options for embellishing‌ your crafts. Whether you’re working ⁣on nail art, DIY​ clothing designs,‍ or even decorating your phone case, these rhinestones will bring a beautiful and elegant touch to any project. Plus, with‌ 100 pieces⁤ in each pack,⁢ you’ll​ have more than enough⁤ to let your creativity⁢ run wild.

Our nail jewels are not only beautiful but also⁤ easy⁤ to use. Simply ⁤apply a‍ thin layer of primer ​to your nails, add a transparent protective ‌topcoat, and‍ then arrange the rhinestones in your desired pattern. With their⁢ lightweight and​ compact ⁣design, you can⁣ easily take these crystals on the go for crafting on the fly. So why wait? Add a touch of glamour ⁢to your crafts with these dazzling aurora rhinestones and​ let your creativity shine! Check out more details and get your ⁢pack today at this link.

Comes in a pack of 100 pieces for‍ long-lasting use

When it comes to nail art, having a⁢ variety of rhinestones on hand is⁣ a must. That’s‍ why ‌we love the 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones set. ​With 10 different shapes and sizes to choose from, this pack is sure ⁣to keep you creating beautiful designs for‍ a ⁢long time. Whether you’re ⁤a beginner or a professional, these glass rhinestones are⁤ easy⁢ to use and⁢ will give your nails a ​stunning, shiny appearance.

The AB coating on these crystals⁣ ensures a durable sparkle and brightness that will enhance any DIY ⁣craft project. From nails to clothes to phone cases, the ​possibilities are endless with these versatile rhinestones. Plus, with 100 pieces in each pack, you’ll have ‌more than enough to get creative with. Don’t miss‍ out on the chance to elevate your nail art game ‌with these high-quality, long-lasting rhinestones. Get your pack today and let your creativity shine! Check it out here.


When it​ comes to ⁢nail art ⁢decoration, these Aurora ⁢Nail Art‍ Rhinestones‌ are a must-have! With 10 different shapes‍ and sizes in each⁣ pack, you’ll never run out of⁤ creative options. The high-quality ⁢glass material gives them an attractive luster, perfect for ‍adding a touch of glamour to your nails, clothes, shoes,⁣ and ⁣more. Plus, they’re easy to apply​ whether you’re ⁤a beginner or a pro.

Our nail jewels⁣ set is not only stylish but also practical. ‍The lightweight crystals are easy to carry around, so you⁣ can add some sparkle to ‍your ​nails wherever you go. With the iridescent⁤ AB​ color, you‌ can create stunning​ nail art designs that will make you ‌stand out. Don’t miss out on these versatile rhinestones that will enhance‍ your DIY crafts in a unique and fashionable ⁢way. ⁣Ready to‌ glam up your nails? Click‍ here to get your hands on these beautiful Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones⁢ now: ⁢ Check​ it out!.

Perfect addition to any nail art collection

Looking‌ for the perfect addition to your nail art ⁤collection? Look no further! These 100 pieces of Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones in ⁣10 different shapes and​ sizes are a must-have for ‌any nail art enthusiast.‌ The high-quality glass material gives them an exquisite shine, perfect for ⁢adding glamour to your crafts.

Our ⁤easy-to-use nail jewels set is lightweight and⁤ convenient to carry,⁣ making it ideal for ‍both beginners and​ professionals. Whether you’re working ‌on your nails, ‍clothes, shoes, or ‌DIY crafts, these iridescent crystal AB​ color rhinestones⁣ are sure ⁤to make your⁢ creations shine. Don’t miss⁤ out on this stylish and practical flatback crystals set – ​get yours today! Click here ​to purchase ‍now!

Great​ for creating eye-catching ⁣designs

Looking ‌for something⁣ to elevate your nail art game? Look ‍no further than these​ stunning aurora ⁤nail rhinestones! With their high-quality glass material⁢ and exquisite shine, these⁢ AB crystal beads will add a touch of glamour to any design. Whether you’re a⁣ beginner ‌or a professional, ‌these easy-to-use⁢ gems​ are perfect⁣ for creating ​eye-catching​ nail art that⁣ will ‌make your fingertips ⁣shine.

Not just limited to nails, these versatile rhinestones can also ​be used for DIY⁢ crafts, ​clothes, shoes, and more! Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry and store, so you can⁢ take your creativity on the go. With 10 different⁤ shapes ⁤and sizes ⁣in ‌each pack,​ the ‌possibilities are endless. Add⁣ these sparkling gems to your collection‌ today and let your creativity shine!⁢ Don’t ‌miss out, get yours ‍now on Amazon! Check it⁣ out here.

We recently discovered this amazing set of‌ 100 pieces ⁢of Aurora ‍Nail Art Rhinestones that are perfect for nail art⁢ enthusiasts of all levels. With 10 different shapes and sizes to choose from, these glass crystals ⁤are a must-have in ⁤your collection. The ‍AB coating gives them a‌ beautiful shine that will make your nails‍ stand out.

  • The easy application process makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • These rhinestones are not only great⁣ for nails, ‌but also for other ‌DIY crafts ⁤like clothes, shoes, and even phone cases.
  • Available in various‍ colors, these crystals are versatile and add a touch of elegance to any project.

Package Contents 100 pieces of glass rhinestones
Material Glass
Shapes 10 different shapes and‍ sizes

If you want to take your nail art to the next level or add some sparkle ‍to ⁣your DIY projects, we ⁣highly recommend these Aurora Nail Art Rhinestones. Click here to get ‌your hands on this amazing ⁢set now!

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews ​for the 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art⁤ Rhinestones, we have gathered valuable insights ⁢to help you ​make an informed​ decision⁤ before ​purchasing this product. Here are some key points from actual customers:

Review Rating
I’ve been wanting to try a ‌more delicate‌ nail look/feel so ​I decided ‍on these gems in the most iridescent color I could find. I loved the ⁢look of these in the‍ photos so I was very ‍excited to try them. 5/5
These stones‍ are beautiful ‌as​ long as you⁢ install the flat‍ surface facing your nail bed. They are exactly what I wanted! 4/5
The ⁤half with the ornate‌ shapes are⁢ gorgeous. So sparkly and clear. The half with ‍the round gems.. not so much. 3/5
The flat bottoms do have a yellowish hue, but that is not visible once the‍ rhinestone is installed on a⁤ nail. 4/5
Very pretty colors. ⁣They have a more orange and blue hue⁣ to it ​but ⁢they are⁢ over all gorgeous. 4/5

Overall, most ​customers were satisfied with⁤ the product quality,‍ easy⁤ application, and unique iridescence of the crystals.⁢ However, some noted discrepancies in the number of pieces received and the varying sparkle of different shapes.⁣ If you’re‍ looking to ‍add a touch​ of charm and ⁣sparkle to your nails, ​these Aurora ⁣Nail Art Rhinestones may⁣ be the ‌perfect fit ‍for you!

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Beautiful⁣ and exquisite design
  2. High quality glass material with durable shine
  3. Easy to apply for ‍both beginners and professionals
  4. Lightweight and convenient for travel
  5. Multiple uses for nails, ⁣clothes, shoes,⁣ and‌ more
  6. Comes​ in a variety of shapes and sizes for versatile crafting


  1. No glue ⁢included in the package
  2. Color‌ inconsistency due ⁣to⁤ different lighting and ⁣displays
  3. May‍ have to push‌ rhinestones⁢ into ‍place to ⁤prevent falling

Overall, the 100Pcs Aurora ‍Nail Art Rhinestones are⁣ a versatile‌ and high-quality option for adding sparkle and glamour to your crafting projects. ‍Just be aware of the minor cons and you’ll be ‌able to create beautiful designs with ease.


Q: Can these rhinestones be used‍ on natural‍ nails or do they⁢ require acrylic ‍nails?

A: These 3D glass​ AB crystal rhinestones can be ‌easily ⁣applied to both natural and artificial nails.‌ Just apply a thin layer of primer and a transparent topcoat before placing the rhinestones on your nails.

Q: Are⁣ these rhinestones reusable?

A: While these rhinestones are very lightweight and easy to handle,⁤ they may not be easily reusable once removed from the nail.⁢ It’s ⁢best to apply a ‍topcoat over them to⁤ secure them in place for ​a longer-lasting manicure.

Q: Do the ‌rhinestones come‍ with glue included in the package?

A: No, these rhinestones do not come‍ with glue included, so you will need to use your own ⁤nail adhesive ⁤to securely attach them to your nails or other DIY crafts.

Q: How should‍ I store these rhinestones to prevent them from getting damaged?

A: These aurora nail ⁢art​ rhinestones are⁢ very ‍lightweight and convenient to ​store and carry. We recommend keeping them in a secure container or organizer to prevent them from getting lost or⁣ damaged.

Q: Can these rhinestones be used for ⁤other crafts besides nail ⁢art?

A: Absolutely! These ‍3D glass AB crystal⁤ rhinestones are perfect for various DIY⁣ crafts such as decorating clothes, shoes, mobile phones, ‍paper cards, pens, and⁢ more. Let your creativity shine‍ with these versatile charms!

Embrace⁢ a New Era

In conclusion, the 100Pcs Aurora Nail ⁢Art Rhinestones are a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to‌ their nail art⁣ or DIY crafts. With their high quality glass construction, beautiful AB coating, and‌ easy application, these crystals are sure to impress. Whether you’re a beginner or a⁣ professional, these rhinestones are versatile and perfect for various ‌projects.

Don’t miss out on⁢ the chance to elevate your nail art game with these stunning 3D glass crystals. ⁤Grab your pack of 100Pcs Aurora Nail Art ⁢Rhinestones ‍now and start creating dazzling masterpieces!

Click here to purchase: ‌ 100Pcs Aurora Nail ‌Art Rhinestones

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