Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive: Boost Storage with Amazon Basics

Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive: Boost Storage with Amazon Basics

Welcome to our blog, ⁤where we are ⁤excited⁢ to share our firsthand experience with the‍ Amazon⁣ Basics ⁤128 ⁤GB Ultra⁢ Fast USB​ 3.1 Flash Drive in⁣ black.​ This compact and sleek flash drive ‌has definitely impressed us with its⁤ impressive storage capacity and lightning-fast speeds. ‌

With a storage capacity of 128 GB, this flash drive can hold ⁣a whopping 32,000 12MP photos⁢ or ⁢up to 488 minutes of 1080P video recording. This makes it ‌a ⁤perfect companion for photographers, videographers, and anyone who needs to carry​ a‍ large amount of data on the go.‍

The USB 3.1 connection ensures a convenient and reliable transfer of files, while the read speed of up to‍ 130Mbps and write speed of ⁣up to 30Mbps make⁤ it 15‍ times faster than USB 2.0 ‍drives. We were amazed at how quickly we ‌were⁣ able ⁣to transfer⁤ files,⁣ saving us valuable time‍ and effort.

One of the standout features of this flash drive is its high-quality NAND FLASH flash memory chips, which effectively protect personal data security. We felt⁤ confident knowing that our sensitive information was secure⁤ when ⁣stored on this drive.

The retractable, telescopic design is ‌not only sleek and stylish but also adds an extra layer of security with the ⁢keyhole feature. We appreciated ​the convenience of being able to attach it to our⁣ keychain or lanyard, ⁤ensuring that it was always within reach.

We do ⁣want to note that the actual storage capacity shown by a device’s operating system may be slightly⁤ less than the capacity indicated on‍ the ‍product⁤ label due⁤ to different⁤ measurement standards. However, we found that the available ​storage capacity was still higher than 115GB, which is more than sufficient for⁣ most​ users.

Please keep in mind that the read and write speeds mentioned are based on internal​ tests conducted under⁣ controlled conditions. Actual speeds may vary ⁤depending⁤ on⁣ the devices ‌used, transfer file sizes, and​ other factors.⁤ It is ⁤also important ⁣to note that the factory default drive format is FAT32, ​which ​is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. However, if you are transferring a file size over 4GB, you ‍will need to ⁣reformat⁤ the drive⁢ to ⁢exFAT or ⁣NTFS.

In conclusion, the Amazon​ Basics⁤ 128 GB Ultra ​Fast USB ‍3.1 Flash Drive in black has⁤ exceeded⁤ our expectations with ‌its impressive‌ storage capacity, lightning-fast speeds, and secure design. Whether you’re ⁣a⁣ professional or an everyday user,⁣ this flash drive is an excellent choice for storing ‍and transferring your ⁢important files.​ Stay tuned for more ​reviews and‍ recommendations from our blog!

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Overview of the Amazon Basics 128 ⁢GB‌ Ultra ​Fast​ USB 3.1⁣ Flash Drive, Black

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In the world of digital ‌storage, having a reliable and high-capacity flash drive is a must.⁣ That’s why we are excited to introduce the Amazon Basics ⁤128 GB Ultra Fast⁤ USB 3.1‍ Flash Drive in sleek black. With a⁣ staggering 128⁤ GB storage capacity, this flash drive⁤ can store up to⁤ 32,000 ​12MP photos or a whopping 488 minutes of 1080P video recording.

What sets⁤ this ⁢flash​ drive apart from the rest is its lightning-fast read and write speeds. With a read speed of up⁢ to 130Mbps and⁤ a write speed of up to 30Mbps, this drive is fifteen times faster than traditional USB 2.0 ⁣drives. To achieve these‌ optimal speeds, a USB ‍3.1 Gen‌ 1​ or‌ USB 3.0 ​port is required on your host‍ device. However, if you only have a USB 2.0 ⁣host ⁤device, don’t worry, this ‍flash drive is backwards compatible, albeit at a lower speed.

To ​ensure⁢ the utmost security for your personal‌ data, this flash drive is equipped with high-quality ⁣NAND FLASH flash⁢ memory chips. These chips effectively protect your ​data from unauthorized‍ access. Additionally, the retractable‌ and⁤ telescopic design with⁣ a keyhole adds an ​extra layer of security, making‍ it convenient ⁤to store and ‌carry around.

It’s‌ important to note that the actual storage capacity may​ be slightly less than the⁢ indicated amount‍ due to different ​measurement standards. However, you can still expect ⁢the available storage capacity to exceed a generous 115GB.‌

In conclusion, the Amazon⁢ Basics 128 ⁢GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive in black ‌is a reliable, high-capacity, and ⁢secure storage solution. Whether you ⁣need to store videos, photos, ⁤music, or other important files, this flash drive ‍has got you⁣ covered. Don’t miss‌ out on this incredible offer, click here ⁤to purchase your very own⁢ Amazon Basics 128 ⁢GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 ⁢Flash Drive now!

Specific features and aspects of the Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive, Black

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  • Ample Storage‍ Capacity: With a generous 128 GB storage capacity, this flash drive has the capability to⁢ store a variety of files, ⁣ranging⁣ from⁢ 32,000 ⁤12MP photos⁣ to 488 minutes of 1080P video⁢ recording. No need to ‍worry about running out ​of space anytime soon!
  • Blazing-Fast USB ⁣3.1 Technology: Equipped with USB 3.1 ​Gen⁢ 1, this flash drive⁢ offers lightning-fast read speeds of up to 130Mbps and write speeds of​ up ⁢to 30Mbps. ‍This impressive speed is 15 times faster than⁤ USB 2.0 drives, ensuring swift and efficient data transfers.
  • Enhanced ⁢Data Security: The high-quality NAND FLASH ​flash memory chips ‍employed in this flash drive guarantee optimal protection ⁢for your personal ​data. Rest easy, knowing that your files are safe and​ secure.
  • Convenient Retractable Design: Designed with convenience in mind, this flash drive‌ features a⁤ retractable and telescopic design. No more worrying about losing a cap or misplacing⁣ it. In addition, the key hole ‌adds an extra ‌layer of security, ensuring ⁢the safety of‍ your important data.
  • Compatibility and ⁢Formatting Options: This flash ⁣drive ⁣is designed to be compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.0 ⁢ports, while ​also‌ maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0 host devices, albeit at a lower speed. It is worth ⁤noting that the drive comes⁢ pre-formatted in the FAT32 format, ⁣which is compatible with‍ both Windows ‌and Mac OS. However, if you need to transfer files over 4GB in size, you may‌ need‌ to reformat the drive ⁣to exFAT ⁣or NTFS.

Overall, the Amazon Basics ⁤128 GB Ultra ⁤Fast USB 3., offers an ‍impressive storage capacity, lightning-fast data transfer‍ speeds, ‌enhanced data security, and a convenient‍ design.⁤ With its compatibility and formatting options,⁣ it is a versatile ⁣flash drive that⁤ caters to ⁢various needs. If you’re looking for a reliable and‌ efficient ⁢storage solution, ​this flash drive is definitely worth‌ considering. Get yours now from Amazon and experience ⁢the convenience yourself!

Detailed insights and performance‌ of the Amazon Basics⁤ 128 GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive, Black

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When it comes ​to storage capacity, ‍the Amazon Basics⁢ 128 GB Ultra​ Fast USB 3.1 ​Flash Drive is a powerhouse. With the ability to ​store up to ⁣32,000‍ 12MP photos or 488 minutes of‌ 1080P​ video recording, this flash⁢ drive offers ample space for all your ⁢media needs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply someone who enjoys⁣ capturing memories, this flash drive has⁣ got you covered.

What sets this flash drive apart is its lightning-fast read⁤ and write speeds. ⁢With a read speed of up ⁢to 130Mbps and a write speed of up to 30Mbps,⁤ you can transfer files at a remarkable⁣ pace. In fact, it’s 15 times ​faster than USB 2.0 drives, ⁤making⁢ it ⁤a smart choice ⁤for those looking‍ to optimize their workflow. Just ​keep in mind​ that ‍you’ll need a USB 3.1 ⁣Gen 1 or USB 3.0 port‌ on your host ⁣device to achieve these optimal speeds, although the drive is also backward compatible‌ with USB 2.0⁤ devices at lower speeds.

One of the standout features of this‌ flash drive ⁣is the high-quality NAND FLASH‍ flash memory chips ​it ⁢utilizes. ⁣Not ⁣only do these ⁣chips provide lightning-fast⁢ performance, but‍ they also ensure the security of your personal data. Whether ⁤you’re storing ‍sensitive documents⁤ or important files, you can rest easy‌ knowing that your ‌information is ⁣safe.

The retractable, telescopic design of the flash drive is also⁣ worth mentioning. Not only ‌does it protect the USB connector when not in use, but ⁢it ⁢also features a keyhole for added security. Attach it to your keychain or⁢ lanyard,⁢ and you’ll never have ‌to worry about misplacing ⁤it again.

Please note that the actual storage capacity⁣ shown by a device’s ⁢operating system may ‍be slightly ⁤less than ⁣the ‌capacity indicated on the product label due to different measurement standards. However, ‍the ⁤available storage capacity is still higher​ than ‍115GB, which is more than ​enough for most users.

In conclusion, the Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast USB 3. is a reliable‍ and high-performance storage solution. With its ⁣generous storage capacity,​ lightning-fast read and write speeds, and enhanced data security, it’s ‍a⁣ must-have accessory for anyone in need of extra storage space. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ⁤experience the incredible performance⁢ of this flash drive – ⁤check it out on Amazon ‍today!

Specific recommendations for ⁤the‌ Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive, Black

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  1. High-speed transmission: With USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 port, this flash drive ​delivers an impressive read speed of up to 130Mbps and a write speed of up to 30Mbps. It ⁤is 15x faster than USB 2.0 drives, ensuring quick and efficient file transfers.

  2. Ample storage capacity: With 128​ GB of storage space, ‌this flash drive can hold⁣ a staggering amount of​ data.‍ You can store ‌up to 32,000 12MP photos or enjoy 488 minutes‌ of 1080P video recording. It ⁢provides you with the freedom to‌ carry your entire media library wherever you go.

  3. High-quality NAND FLASH memory: The flash memory chips used in this drive are​ of top-notch quality, ensuring the security of​ your personal data. With effective protection mechanisms, your important files will remain safe ⁢and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

  4. Convenient retractable design: The retractable and telescopic design of this flash drive⁤ provides added convenience and portability. It allows you‌ to easily⁢ extend or retract ⁢the USB connector, eliminating the⁤ need⁢ for a separate cap and reducing the risk of damage.

  5. Compatibility and versatility: This flash drive is backwards compatible⁢ with USB⁢ 2.0​ host devices, although at​ a lower speed. It is also ⁣compatible with both ⁣Windows and Mac OS, thanks⁤ to the factory default⁤ drive format, FAT32. If⁤ you​ need to transfer files⁢ larger than 4GB, simply reformat the ⁢drive to⁤ exFAT⁢ or NTFS.

In summary, the Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast USB 3.⁤ combines high-speed ‍transmission, ample storage capacity, and enhanced data security in a ‌compact and convenient ⁣design. It is a reliable ‌and versatile storage solution for all⁤ your multimedia needs. Explore the possibilities and ​get⁣ yours today. ⁣

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

In the age ⁣of digital dominance, having a reliable and efficient storage
⁢ ‍ solution is paramount. Enter the Amazon Basics 256GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1
⁤ Flash Drive, a portable data powerhouse that promises to securely store
and transfer your important files. Join us‌ as we explore the design,
‌ speed, durability, and overall value of this compact⁤ storage device that
holds the ⁤key to your digital ​world.


The design of the Amazon Basics USB Flash Drive is sleek and
⁣ straightforward, prioritizing ‌functionality and ease of ‍use. Its​ compact
⁤ size​ makes it highly portable, allowing you to conveniently carry it in
⁣ ‌ your pocket or attach it to a keychain. The ⁢protective cap safeguards the
⁣ ⁣ USB⁤ connector ⁤when not ⁣in use, minimizing the risk‌ of damage or dirt
⁤ accumulation. ‍While it may not boast extravagant aesthetics, the focus ‍on
⁣⁢ simplicity and practicality is‌ evident ⁣in the design.


When it comes to speed,⁣ the‌ Amazon Basics USB Flash Drive shines​ brightly.
With USB 3.1 ⁣technology, it offers⁤ ultra-fast ⁤data transfer rates, ensuring
​ that you can quickly move large files between devices. Whether you’re
​ backing‌ up ‍important documents, transferring media files, ​or working with
‍ high-resolution images, ⁣this ⁢flash drive accelerates the ⁢process,⁢ saving
⁢ ⁢ ‌ ⁢ you valuable time. Say goodbye to sluggish transfers and embrace the
swiftness of the digital age.


⁢ ​ Durability is an essential factor⁢ to consider in any storage device, and
⁣ the Amazon Basics USB Flash Drive holds up⁣ well under​ everyday ‌use.
⁣⁣ Constructed with sturdy ‍materials, it can withstand the occasional bumps
‌ ⁤ ‌ and jostles of daily life. The protective cap adds an ⁣extra layer of
⁢ ⁢ defense, preventing dust and ‍debris⁣ from compromising its performance.
‍ While it’s​ always wise to handle any electronic device‌ with care, this
⁣ ⁣ ‌ ⁤flash drive ​can withstand ‍the rigors of typical usage scenarios.


In terms of value, the Amazon Basics⁤ USB Flash Drive delivers solid
​ performance at an affordable ⁢price. With a generous storage capacity of
256GB,​ you’ll have ⁤ample ⁢space to store your important files, photos,
⁣ videos, and more.‍ Its high-speed data transfer capabilities ensure
​ efficient workflows, making it ⁤a valuable tool for students, professionals,
⁢ and anyone in need⁢ of portable storage. Considering its reliability,
​ speed, and capacity, this flash drive offers excellent value for money.

Customer Reviews

Review Rating

​ After I began ‍editing⁣ down large‌ amounts of video footage into usable
⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ‍ material I realized‍ I needed an immediate solution so work could continue
‌ without me⁤ having to get a brand new storage drive for my computer. I purchased
‍ ‍ ​ a few of these sticks and suddenly I can store over a terabyte of data.‌ Easy
to use plug and ⁣play⁣ functionality, does what it⁤ says on the ‌box, and has
⁢ ⁤ ‍ pretty fast write and read speeds.⁣ Am​ I going to⁤ upgrade my⁤ work PC in the future to
‍ ‍ support multiple heavy duty storage drives? Yep. Do I have‍ to spend hundreds
⁣ ⁣ ​ of⁣ dollars⁣ doing it right this ‍moment? No! Worth noting, this was the
‌ second‌ high capacity flash drive I tried. Won’t mention the other brand,
⁢ ​ ‍ but it ⁣was garbage. Write/read speeds were abysmal, ‍and its true storage
⁢ capacity‍ was much less than it stated on the packaging. Also was around
⁣ ‌ the same price as one⁣ of these. Save yourself the time and hassle and
​ ‍just grab​ as many of these little guys as you need for ⁣your data storage needs.


⁤ I got this for archival ‍research, saving images from microfilm. It’s
great that flash memory ‍has come down in price so much. I ‍put a dog tag on it
‌ ‌ with my name and contact⁣ info in case of loss, although I regularly back up to PC.
‍ Fast, reliable, does‍ the job and keenly priced.


​Toute simple. Elle fait ce⁤ qu’on lui demande. Un bon rapport qualité


​ ‌ Los productos de marca blanca de Amazon⁣ siempre son una⁣ garantía de
⁢⁤ calidad,⁤ puede que no ofrezcan el mejor resultado, pero no serán malos.
‌ ‌ En este caso tenemos una memoria de 256gb fabricada en ⁣Taiwán.‌ El embalaje
‍ ‌ es muy⁤ sencillo, estando la ⁤memoria encajada⁢ en un pequeño bl Ister de plástico ‍transparente ⁤y una etiqueta con el⁤ nombre​ y capacidad ⁤de la memoria.

⁤ ⁢ La capacidad real de⁣ la memoria es ‌de 237gb, algo que ya ⁣es de esperar ‌debido a que siempre ⁢existe un margen que se dedica a otros menesteres.

⁤ ‍ La ⁣velocidad es más que ‌aceptable, eso si, ‌en un USB 3.1, no‌ uses el USB ⁤2.0 que te ⁢desesperarás, ya que solo conseguirás velocidades de 20MB/s.⁢

‌ Quiero dejar claro que este ‌modelo en concreto solo tiene su parte frontal metálica, la posterior es de plástico, por lo que se siente mucho la ⁢calidad al usarla.

⁣ Buen producto a buen precio.


‌ I’ve owned this flash drive⁢ for⁣ about⁤ a week now, and it’s working great.

‍ ⁤It came formatted‍ and ‌ready ⁤to use right out of the box. I was able to use

‌ ‍‍ ⁣ ‌ it to back up my files and free up space on my computer’s hard‌ drive.

​ The transfer speeds are fast and it fits into my USB ports securely. I

⁣ ‌ ⁤also like​ the protective cap ​that keeps the USB connector safe ​when not

​ ⁣ ⁣in use. ‌Overall, I’m ⁢very satisfied‌ with this flash drive and would

recommend it to others.


⁣ ⁢ ⁣ ⁤ Die Festplatte⁢ ist ⁣einfach‍ zu handhaben. Sie enthält eine USB 3.0/3.1

​ Schnittstelle für ⁢schnelle⁣ Übertragungsraten. Das Gehäuse ist solide

⁢ ⁣ ⁤ und macht einen‍ stabilen Eindruck. ⁢Der ‌Prei ​

Pros ​& Cons

Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive: Boost Storage with Amazon Basics插图5


  • 128 GB storage capacity, ‍allowing for ⁢ample storage of files, ‌photos, videos,⁢ and ⁤more
  • Ultra-fast ⁣read speed‍ of up to 130Mbps,⁤ making file transfers quick and efficient
  • High-quality NAND FLASH flash memory ⁤chips provide effective⁢ protection for personal data security
  • Convenient USB connection for easy ⁢compatibility with various devices
  • Retractable, telescopic design with a keyhole for added security and portability
  • Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ‌host devices at ⁣lower speeds


  • Write ‌speed of up to 30Mbps may not be as‌ fast as some other flash drives on the market
  • Actual storage capacity may ⁤be slightly less than ⁤indicated on the product label⁣ due to different measurement ⁤standards
  • Read and write ‍speeds can vary depending on the devices used and file transfer⁣ factors
  • Requires reformatting to exFAT ⁢or⁢ NTFS ​if transferring a ‌file size over 4GB


Storage⁢ Capacity 128 GB
Read‍ Speed Up‌ to 130Mbps
Write⁢ Speed Up⁤ to 30Mbps
Compatibility USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 (backward compatible⁤ with USB 2.0)
Dimensions 2.2 x⁢ 0.8 ⁢x 0.5‌ inches⁣ (LxWxH)


Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive: Boost Storage with Amazon Basics插图6
Q: Is⁣ the Amazon Basics 128⁣ GB Ultra Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive ⁢compatible with USB 2.0 devices?

A: Yes, the Amazon Basics⁤ 128 GB Ultra Fast ⁢USB 3.1 Flash ​Drive is backwards compatible with ‍USB‍ 2.0 host devices. However, please note that the​ read and write speeds will be‍ lower when used ‍with USB 2.0 devices compared to USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 host ⁣devices.

Q: How fast is the read‌ and write speed of this flash drive?

A:‌ The read speed of the‍ Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast‌ USB ⁤3.1 ‌Flash ⁤Drive is up to 130Mbps, while the write‍ speed is up to 30Mbps. These speeds are approximately 15 times faster than USB 2.0 drives, providing you with fast and efficient data ⁤transfer.

Q: Can this‍ flash drive protect my personal data?

A: Yes, the​ Amazon Basics ⁣128 GB Ultra Fast USB⁢ 3.1 Flash Drive is equipped ‌with high-quality NAND FLASH flash memory chips that effectively protect personal data security. You can trust that your files and information are safe and secure.

Q: How much storage capacity does this‌ flash drive have?

A: The Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast USB ‌3.1 Flash Drive has ‌a storage capacity of 128 GB, which allows you to store ‌a significant amount of data. ⁣For example, it can store up to 32,000 12MP photos or⁤ 488 minutes of 1080P video recording.

Q: Is ⁣the storage capacity displayed on the product label accurate?

A: The storage​ capacity ​indicated on the⁣ product​ label is accurate. ⁤However, please⁢ note that the actual ‍storage capacity shown by a​ device’s operating system may be slightly less due to different measurement standards. Rest assured, the available storage capacity is higher‌ than 115GB.

Q: Can I use this flash‍ drive with both Windows‍ and Mac operating systems?

A: Yes, the Amazon Basics 128 GB Ultra ⁤Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive is compatible with both Windows and⁣ Mac OS. It comes formatted in the factory default drive format, which is FAT32 and is read/write compatible ‍with both operating systems. If you plan to transfer a file size over 4GB, we‌ recommend ⁢reformatting the⁤ drive ‍to exFAT or NTFS.

Seize ⁢the‌ Opportunity

In conclusion, the Amazon ‍Basics 128 GB Ultra Fast‌ USB 3.1 Flash Drive is a reliable and efficient storage solution that offers convenience and security. With its high-speed transmission and ample storage ⁤capacity, this flash drive is perfect for storing a vast amount of photos, videos, music, and⁤ more.

The read speed of up⁤ to 130Mbps and write speed of up to 30Mbps ‌make ​this flash drive 15 times faster than USB 2.0 drives, ensuring quick and smooth data transfers. The retractable, telescopic design ‌with a keyhole adds​ an extra layer of security, ⁤allowing you to ‌carry your files with peace of mind.

It’s⁢ important to⁤ note that the actual storage capacity may be ⁤slightly less than⁢ indicated due to different measurement standards, but rest assured, the available storage capacity is still higher than 115GB.

We⁤ encourage you to experience the ⁤power​ and versatility of the Amazon ‍Basics 128 GB Ultra ⁣Fast USB 3.1 Flash Drive for yourself.⁣ Boost your storage⁣ with this⁣ reliable and‌ efficient device.

To get your ‍hands on this amazing flash⁤ drive, click here: Amazon Basics‌ 128 GB Ultra Fast USB‍ 3.1 Flash Drive.

Upgrade your storage game today​ and enjoy the convenience and speed that this flash​ drive has ‍to offer.

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